The Booths

The Booths

Enclosed Booth fits 4 comfortably, and up to 10 if you REALLY like each other

Open Air Booth can fit 15 or more people in a picture. It’s up to you, how many can YOU fit in the picture?

Our Enclosed booths have the traditional look and feel of a photobooth, surrounded by black velvet with optional privacy curtains on the side. The Open Air booth looks more like a “photo shoot” than a photobooth. They both get the same high quality pictures with high speed prints.

Both our enclosed and open air photobooths allow for the camera height to be adjusted to accommodate everybody in your group. Wheelchairs fit into all of our booths.

Everyone can be in a Snappy McGee Photobooth!

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Customer Testimonial:
Our friends and family kept complimenting your service and product. Please know I will be recommending you to every bride i was a blast! -Diana G